Joining the lab

Phd & Postdoc

Currently we have no open positions for PhD or PostDocs.

Independently of open positions, if you are interested in joining our group for your PhD, or as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and you have good mathematics and/or programming skills, please contact Pawel Romanczuk with a brief statement of interest and a CV, to discuss possible options (specifically funding options).

Bachelor & Master thesis

For students interested in a thesis in theoretical biology, theoretical biophysics, or theoretical physics applied to biological problems, we can provide different thesis projects on

  • modeling and theory of flocking, schooling and swarming from cellular ensembles to fish,
  • analysis of experimental lab and field data on collective behavior,
  • simulating evolutionary games to explore the emergence of cooperation.

Please write an Email to Pawel Romanczuk to inquire about a possibility of a corresponding student/thesis projects. The Email should provide information about your motivation and a short CV including basic information about your field of study/relevant courses.

Important: Due to currently high demand and limited capacities in our group, there might be a waiting time of several months before a student project or thesis can be started. Therefore request should be sent well before the intended starting date.

Research Internships

We maybe also able to offer individual research internships (6-12 weeks) for undergraduate students with a background in physics, biophysics, quantitative/theoretical biology, computer science, applied math or related fields. If you are interested please sent an Email with corresponding information about your person (see Bachelor & Master thesis section).

Please note, in general, we cannot cover the living & travel costs. Thus, if required, third party funding via corresponding scholarships/travel grants needs to be organized first. Furthermore, due to limited capacities in our group, you have to expect a waiting time of several months before being able to start a research internship.